Facilities/Operations Ministry


Facilities & Operations Ministry

The mission/goals of the OPERATIONS/FACILITIES MINISTRY are: To ensure the smooth operation of service; To coordinate with other ministries to help ensure their goals are successful; To ensure the upkeep, comfort and safety of the Greater Hope campus.

Ministry Leaders

Facilities & Operations Leader
Deacon Herbert Alston
Facilities & Operations Leader
Virgil Hoover

Statement of Purpose:

We work to ensure the smooth flow of service and coordination of the GHope ministries. We provide maintenance, safety and cleanliness of the GHope campus and any other needs as directed by Bishop-Elect Ivy.

Ministry Opportunities:

The facilities ministry is currently looking for volunteers to help improve the GHope campus; we are in need of all trades and skill sets. We recently started the Unseen Hands Cleaning Ministry. All volunteers are welcome

Contact Information:

Phone: 623-419-4777
Email: Gti2@aol.com

Contact / Location

Contact info

13002 N. 33RD Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85029

Gathering Times

8:00am, 10:00am